Everyday I go through my checklist and look at RSS Feeds on Google Reader, Twitter, Facebook, etc. looking at communications that have taken place, latest news.

The one group that always has a voice is the Ag Community.  Everyday producers, growers, farmers, Farm Bureaus, Publications, Tradeshows are promoting agriculture with a passionate spirit.

I am writing this post because I think we can gen inundated with information and issues and we forget that the real voice is in the people who are in the trenches and are marketing their cause everyday.

Good example this week is  USDA – Agriculture

I know the USDA recently came out with some Social Media Tools on their web page.  Good tools and information and if you were someone outside of agriculture you would think that this is what its about food safety, more regulations, information

The Real Social MediaPower is in the connections.  Especially those in the Ag Community.

It starts with people!!!!  Real Life Experiences!!! Understanding where our food comes from!

Its about understanding the issues and find out first-hand not through a documentary.  I know, I visited a hog operation in 2009 as a result of listening to conversations.

Take a look at @followfarmer on twitter  – These are real people..Much more powerful than any information you could provide me with.

Go to Search.Twitter.com and search for keywords like  #agchat  #farm

Be careful about where you get your information regarding social media tools and the internet.  Start by joining a community and listening.  You will learn a great deal. The tools and platforms will follow later and you will find the “Ag Voice” everywhere.

There is an Agriculture Chat on Twitter every Tuesday evening.  One place to start connecting with real people.