It is always refreshing to hear good stories from people starting their own companies and trying to make a difference. Case in Point, Rescue Me Dog Bakery. This company is similar to other Pet Treat Producers where there is a common theme to create a natural product that is safe and nutritional for pets and also a fun experience.

Daniel and Wendy Dorchestor started their business almost 15 years ago refining their process over the years to come up with a treat that most dogs would like.  Three years ago they met Brian and Jan Lambert  and formed the joint venture, Rescue Me Dog Bakery.

Puppy Crack is the name of their treat and it comes in Beef and Chicken Flavors.

The article in the Post & Courier – August 12, 2010 contains more detail on the history of the company and motives for developing the theme of the company.

There are a number of Pet Treat Companies out there who really care about their products and are building a business model around their values.  It’s a great story and we see it a lot at Midwest Laboratories. Pet Treat Producers care and want to know the value of their product.