recycling food scrapsPast Experience of Recycling

In my personal attempt to become more green, I switched trash haulers and received a recycle container, same size as trash container to better reduce trash and recycle items like paper, cardboard and aluminum.  By doing this, I reduced my trash volume and feel better about recycling materials for a cleaner more efficient environment.

Recycling Food Scrap Program

Today, I came across this article on recycling food scraps.  Again, another program that requires a bucket for handling food scraps.  Just think of all the energy and efficiency that could occur if all of us took the time to recylcle food scraps.

The program is very straightforward and will be implemented in this case, in a community in California.

Recycling Food Scraps – Program Outlined

Check out this program and start asking your local companies if such a program could be started in your neighborhood. I would be one of the first people to sign-up for such a program.

What are your thoughts?