shampoo ingredientsFor the most part, we really do not think much about using shampoo on a regular basis, but could we be exposing ourselves to some harmful chemicals.

Some Chemicals to Avoid

I came across this article and it listed the following chemicals to be aware of.

* DMDM Hydantoin – Allergen and irritant that can form cancer-causing contaminants

* Fragrance – Allergens that may contain neurotoxic or hormone-disrupting chemicals

* Ceteareth and PEG compounds – Petrochemicals that may contain cancer-causing impurities

In researching, I went a step further and looked more closely at Johnson’s Baby Shampoo on this same site.  I was little shocked by some of the information, but a closer read showed that most of the materials were on the low side.

Stay informed

I think the debate is still out, but like other products, it never hurts to stay informed. I would suggest reading this article, “Popular shampoos contain toxic chemicals linked to nerve damage” by Mike Adams.  I think Mike does a good job of summarizing this issue. Do keep in mind this article came out in 2005