raspberries, harvest raspberriesRaspberries

Let’s take a closer look at harvesting raspberries.

I don’t know about you, but those small, delicate furry berries are packed with juice and taste great.  They are also very  healthy for you.

Healthy Snack

“One cup of fresh raspberries is 64 calories, with 8 grams of dietary fiber and 50 percent of the daily value for vitamin C.” Source – Raspberry Facts Article

Raspberry Harvest Facts

I came across the following article, “Raspberries fresh from the farm” .  It has some great information and fun facts.  I encourage you to read the whole article.

  • The 20-acre farm will yield 20,000 pounds of rapberries from July through October.
  • The hand-picked berries should  be frim enough to hold up for at least a week.
  • It takes about 500 raspberries just to make up one pound.
  • A new harvester machine costs $150,000.00
  • Other costs include berry boxes, jam jars, labor and transportation to markets
  • Finally, “When people buy raspberries in the store, they expect to keep them in a refrigerator for a week,  David Cornaby said. ” So you have to pick them a little less ripe.”

Read the article and think about these and other facts about raspberries as you purchase and eat your next lot of raspberries.