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Nematode Fact Sheet

Yesterday, I came across a great article,  “CORN NEMATODES” : A Fact Sheet Prepared by the University of Minnesota’s Plant Disease Clinic on the topic of nematodes.   The article makes several good points and it is worth reading.  Here is a summary  of some of the key points made in the article:

  • Autumn is the preferred time to collect soil samples for plant nematode analysis.
  • Corn Nematodes can reduce grain yields.
  • Collecting samples for  plant nematodes is different than collecting samples for fertility.
  • It is really important to sample after the crop plant has died because.. the nematodes will migrate out into the soil where they can be detected with a soil test.

Read the Entire Fact Sheet

When looking at submitting soil samples for testing, check out the full article on  Nematode Testing, it is well worth the read.