I came across this article,  “Fall is the time to get your lawns and gardens ready to bloom next spring” is a really good article which highlights some of the areas to look at:

  • Weeds can be taken care of with a post-emergent herbicide ( I prefer overseeding B. Pohlman)
  • Mid September – Mid October  – Overseeding, Do not apply pre-emergern to these areas | (Mid August to – Mid September works well too from personal experience. B Pohlman)
  • Grubs, rodents – Use traps, baits and proper products.  (Monitoring is the key.  B. Pohlman)
  • Short-tailed crickets – Look for small dirt mounds ( Did not know this) (Great Information)
  • Plant Trees and Shrubs now to establish root system. (I often forget about this step. B Pohlman)
  • Routine Soil Test – Know Soil Nutrients, Do not over fertilize. Excess nutrients can lead to disease. (Have made this mistake in the past. Disease is no fun. B Pohlman)

What other tips do you have for getting your lawn and garden ready for next spring?