Selling Pumpkins

Two kids, Jacob and Sammy were trying to  sell  pumpkins to put toward playing sports were shut down by a local Idaho State Tax Commission. (Selling Pumpkins and keeping half of the profits)

These kids are not ordinary kids, they met with their pumpkin supplier and worked out a  deal to keep half of the profits. (Education-Business)

The Manager at A&B Foods, nearest competitor was fine with the kids selling pumpkins and he is disappointed that the Tax Commission would single his company out as an excuse (Government enforcing laws without Business being involved)

The Tax Officers told the news channel that they have to educate people on how  the retail regulations work.   A $100.00 per day fine could be imposed. (Fines for kids?)


The real learning should be in how to work with other people to help sell products and taking responsibility for earning an income.  The kids should not be subject to the government shutting a business down, because they feel that they have the power to legislate such a decision.

What are your thoughts?