The last week, we received  over 21,000 soils   a day.  You can check out updates on our progress at our main site at .  Yesterday, we extracted over 20,000 soils for analysis and read over 20,000 soil pHs.

We knew back in August that the season was setting up to be an early harvest.  We put in some last minute improvements for soil layout and moved our receiving dock to maximize the space needed for getting samples in. In September, soil sampling supplies were being shipped in record numbers.  Soil Sampling Supplies continue to be shipped out in large quantities.

Without continually making improvements each year, we would not have been able to keep up with the high demand of soils.  To be successful takes technology, a great  workforce and most importan,t customers. We value our customers and will work hard to maintain high quality and efficient turnaround time.

~Brent Pohlman