Salt Temperature Properties

Obviously, salt is used on roads to help melt the snow and ice…

However did you know how well salt works to melt ice:

A 10% salt solution freezes at 20 degrees F  (-6 C)

A 20% salt solution freezes at 2 degrees F (-16 C)


Salt’s Effectiveness

Salt lowers the melting/freezing point which helps eliminate the bond of the snow/ice to the roadway.  There is some debate as to how low the temperature can be before salt is ineffective.

City Salt Costs

Cities are applying a lot of salt to roads this winter.  In East Alton,  Illinois the county expects to use 600 tons of salt at $50.00 a ton or a total cost of $30,000.

Brad Cunningham, Alton’s executive director of parks and recreation and street supervisor, said the city had plenty of salt and that he ordered more, which is expected to be in next week. He said the salt is much-needed, especially in areas where there are steep hills and brick streets.  “Everyone knows how the hills can be, but the brick streets are just as treacherous,” Cunningham said. “We really try and get to them after we’ve plowed the main arteries.”   Source: Worth their salt: Road crews working overtime amid snow –

Slick Streets Video

If you need a reminder of how slick streets can be, check out this video of slick streets in Seattle.