Increased Nitrogen – Organically

Organic Farming and Increasing NitrogenSource =

I get this question a lot.

I have an organic garden and my plants show that I am low in nitrogen. What can I add organically to increase the nitrogen.

Some typical ways are 1) manure fertilizers, 2) crop residue and 3) compost

In most of these cases, time is of the essence.  Finding quick solutions is often hard, pre-planning is the key.

Some green legume examples are presented in this article ” The Organic Way – Selecting Green Manure Crops for Soil Fertility” .

My advice is to get your soil tested well before you begin planting. (Like Now for spring planting)  Also, start looking for organic solutions to apply quickly after your soil testing results are received. Also, keep in mind that rain can reduce nitrogen levels. A plant analysis test is also a good idea in the early stages.