Shell Gas Pump
You have seen the signs at Shell Gas Stations advertising “quality fuels” nitrogen enriched gasolines.  This formulation has been on the market for two years. If you need a reminder check out the video at the bottom of the post.

Today, I wanted to look at this topic a little closer to understand why nitrogen was added.

There is a very good article on this subject, “Is nitrogen-rich gasoline good for my car?” on the site.

The article points out that “gasoline engine generates power through internal combustion.” during this process vales open to allow air and fuel to mix.  A major byproduct of combustion is carbon deposit build-up.  The nitrogen formula acts as a detergent and reacts with the carbon deposits by helping clean the valves  of these carbon deposits.

The verdict is still being discussed as to whether the nitrogen is truly cleaning out the existing carbon deposits. A lot of petroleum dealers add additional additives to their fuels to help keep valves clean. I think it is something to keep an eye on and be educated. Let me know your thoughts.

Picture Source kenteegardin