Corn FieldYesterday, people were inquiring about all kinds of testing, but half of the calls were for plant tissue testing.

Growers are trying to get their plants tested to see what the next step in their soil/plant nutrient plan should be. It is really the talk out in the fields. Several dealers are pushing the idea to their clients an media shows like AgPHD are also bringing attention to this type of testing.

The three most common questions I received were

1) How do I setup an account?

Answer : Complete a Midwest Laboratories Credit Application (Accounts setup same day as paperwork is received)

2) Can I get some plant tissue bags

Answer: With your account information, we can send you the appropriate plant tissue bags.

3) How do I take a plant tissue sample.

Answer: Check out our plant tissue sampling guide

4) What is the normal turnaround time on plant analysis?

Answer:  Normal turnaround time is 3 days.  We are watching the volumes of samples received and have been able to keep up with the large of numbers of plants being received, (800 – 1,300) per day.

5) Can I speak to an agronomist at Midwest Laboratories

Answer: Absolutely! If you have particular questions concerning plant tissue testing, please give us a call at 402-334-7770 and ask to speak to Ken or John.

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