lawn and garden winter tipsHere is a list of lawn items that you need to do today. These items are taken from a post I read this week, “No time like the present for these garden tasks” by David Robson

1) Apply Winter Fertilizer – By applying a fertilizer now, you will actually be promoting root growth all winter. The most preferable time to spread the fertilizer is right before a snow shower. You will not see the benefits of this process till next spring when the lawn grows with the warmer soil temperature. The nice thick lawn in the spring will help combat the issues faced with crab grass.

2) Clean all of your garden tools: shovels, picks, rakes, etc. Clean and lightly oil them to prevent rust.

3) Run the mower and trimmer till  all the fuel is gone. This will help prevent separation of the gasoline which can cause the water to gum up the engine.

4) Turn your compost pile over one more time. This process will help decay the organic matter into the soil.

5) Plant tulips and other spring bulbs. It’s not too late, but I wouldn’t wait too much longer.

6) Drain your hose if you haven’t yet to prevent freezing and cracking.

7) Check out spring garden catalogs and start planning for 2012

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