Arsenic in Apple JuiceWe reported on this issue of arsenic in apple juice  a few months ago.  In addition, arsenic in water is always a subject in which people are addressing.  Now, a Consumer Reports  study has reported results on this issue:

“The tests of 88 samples of apple juice and grape juice purchased in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut by Consumer Reports staffers found that 10 percent of those samples had total arsenic levels exceeding federal drinking-water standards of 10 parts per billion (ppb) and 25 percent had lead levels higher than the 5 ppb limit for bottled water set by the Food and Drug Administration. Most of the arsenic detected in our tests was the type called inorganic, which is a human carcinogen.”   Source Consumer Reports tests juices for arsenic and lead

The complete test results are available.   Consumer Reports Arsenic Test Results January 2012

An interview with Dr. Oz is attached to this post.  Here are some of the summary comments:

  • 88 Samples of Apple Juice and Grape Juice were tested
  • 10% of the samples had higher levels of Arsenic than Public Drinking Water Levels
  • 25% of the samples had higher lead levels than Bottled Water
  • There is no industry standard yet for arsenic levels in apple juice or grape juice.
  • Arsenic can cause cancer and diabetes in people.
  • Take care and water down servings of apple juice until appropriate standards are in place.

I think this information is good information that has been proven through testing. I think people need to be aware of the products that were tested. Arsenic was found in regular and organic apple juice. Arsenic is also bad for you, no matter what type it is.  Check out the test results and watch the video if you are not that familiar with the issue.



Picture – Amy Loves Yah