Cheap FakesCheck out this article “Cheap Fakes: 10 Ordinary Items Now Counterfeited”  This article is very disturbing.  A number of companies are trying to make a fast buck by creating imitation products. Most of these products look very similar to the real products, but they are clearly not the real products.  If you are a consumer, you really need to be on the lookout for these type of scams. The government seized 150 websites on cyber monday for selling counterfeit products.

Check out some of the disturbing information concerning these products that are mentioned in this article.

Perfume – Often these products  have mimicked scents and contain chemicals like antifreeze, cleaning solutions and even human urine. One example,  Monroe, Ohio 500 bottles were seized containing fake perfume.

Shampoo – All brands cheap to salon brands have been confiscated as fake shampoos containing water, soap. In addition, Beijing police seized more than 2,000  boxes of fake  shampoo bottles containing dangers heavy metals like mercury and sulfur

Batteries –  Knockoff branded batteries are also dangerous and are often not made to the same standards as regular branded batteries.  Battery acid leaks and heat buildup are two major concerns.

Toothpaste – Watch for toothpaste brands that do not contain fluoride.  Other unsafe chemicals could also be present like those found in imported goods from China in 2007.

If something doesn’t quite look right or smell right, don’t use it, period. Be careful of buying products online or on sites that resell items like eBay.

Check out the video for more information on these topics.



Picture Michael Hvorecky