Gummy bears recalledThis week a very isolated recall occurred in the United States regarding gummy bears and possible heavy metal contamination.  The report by the FDA list the store locations and indicates that the recall is for a remote possibility of heavy metals.

As the story came out, I wanted to look at the ingredients and see where the possible heavy metals issue could have risen.

According to an article in eHow ” Gummy Bears Health Information” the ingredients found in Gummy Bears are the following:

The original and more conventional brands of gummy bears are made largely from gelatin, sugar and glucose (sugar) syrup. The gelatin comes from either beef or pork, depending on where the candies are made. Natural and artificial colors and flavorings give the candy visual appeal and flavor. Beeswax makes them shiny and less sticky.  Organic and natural brands of gummy bears are often gelatin-free, and are made with mostly organic ingredients—corn malt syrup, dehydrated cane juice, apple pectin, fruit juice concentrates, spinach powder, expeller-pressed sunflower oil—plus citric acid, natural fruit flavors and carnauba wax. If you’re concerned about any ingredients, check and compare the brands’ ingredient lists.

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From this list, it is really hard to tell where the possible contamination is coming from. The only words that caught my attention were apple and juice. Notice they are not together, but there have been several reports this fall verifying the presence of arsenic in apple juice.

Again, I have no proof here, but my point is that citizens are trying learn more about where there food comes from. I think it is important to not be alarmed at recalls like this one but to understand what types of heavy metals are being looked at and the source.

It is just good laboratory science at work.

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