Empty Shopping MallsHave you noticed that some shopping malls are going through some very tough times.  Changes with respect to a poor retail economy and the changing habits of shoppers buying on the internet and making short trips at local strip malls have really had a negative impact on traditional shopping malls.

Well some malls are getting a total makeover and many are putting in gardens. At the Galleria Mall in Cleveland, Ohio a garden was introduced that produced fresh fruit and vegetables. Source New York Times Article: “How about Gardening or Golfing at the Mall?”

Check out this video from 2009 of a Dublin, California Mall that had lost most of its occupants and decided to turn its mall into a Food Market.

I am sure that other shopping malls have reinvented themselves or have undergone extensive remodeling and reshaping. It is a sign of our times and hopefully, these areas will get revitalized soon.

Picture via wachovia_138