Soil StoryI came across this article, Soil has a Story to Tell this past weekend and I really thought about this topic.

The article suggests testing the soil for single tests like pH or Lime, Potassium or Phosphorus. If you are like me, that all sounds good, but what do these numbers mean. What is this information going to tell me? What is missing in this article is that a laboratory needs to inform “soil owners” what the numbers mean and what type of recommendations the grower should make.

If there is one area that all laboratories including ours is to help bridge the gap between analysis numbers and what steps to take. There are a lot of people who know what the numbers mean. These people periodically analyze their soil and look carefully at their soil history.

In 2011, terrible flooding occurred along the Missouri River. In a number of cases, it could take years to build back the nutrients that were lost in the floods. Never mind the issue of pesticides which people want to focus on. Growers are anxious to get their flooded  land back in working order.

What is your soil story? What is it that you really want to focus on? Do you have a garden you are working with, or are you looking at some new landscape. Are you a farmer and you are grid sampling or looking carefully at some problem areas. Are you a homeowner looking for a better lawn?

Tell your story on the Midwest Labs Google Plus Page  – I am trying to find out what people are planting this spring and see if people have a soil story or two to tell.

Picture via Digital Sextant