Movie Theater FoodCheck out this Consumer Reports study on the numbers behind what we are putting in our mouths. The numbers are a bit alarming.

I think another study should also be performed with respect to the amount of money that is made on marking up pop and popcorn.

The table listed below really is scary. I hope more people decide to pass on the concessions and take better control of their health.

Nutrition nightmare

Source: Movie Theater Food – A Scary Story

Largest size Calories Fat (g) Sodium (mg) Sugars (g)
Popcorn, buttered 844 to 1,591 54 to 113 436 to 2,038
Popcorn, plain 697 to 1,269 37 to 81 365 to 2,013
Cheese nachos 728 to 907 38 to 54 1,033 to 3,132
Pretzels and cheese 581 to 1,056 15 to 32 743 to 3,556
Soda 384 to 696 96 to 174

Picture via TheWanderingEye