weeks worth of grass

Yesterday, I was really shocked, my neighbor was hand-spreading some lawn seed on her front lawn. This time of year is too early for two reasons in this part of the country, Midwestern United States.

  1. The seed needs water to get into the ground. Now, this winter has been a particularly mild one, but I am not quite ready to turn on my underground sprinklers quite yet. We still have a real chance of below freezing temperatures and I know from personal experience if the temperature falls below 23 degrees, your pipes will freeze and break.
  2. Soil temperatures are the second item to consider. Check out this article, Fix-It Chick: Is it time yet? A Guide to Lawn Seeding.  The article clearly states that for proper growth to occur, the soil temparature should be consistently above 50 degreess.

Still trying to decide if you are going to seed early this year, maybe add a soil test too and see if adding nutrients may be an option too. But first, make sure you have really considered the two items mentioned above if you want to insure proper growth of your seed investment.

Picture via zappowbang