Aerate or Thatch your lawn this spring?
Aerate or Thatch your lawn this spring?

The big debate this time of year is should I dethatch my lawn this spring or should I aerate my lawn.

Dethatching consists of getting rid of the layer of dead grass that has accumulated above the surface of the ground. Sometimes this layer can be so thick that it can prevent water from penetrating under the surface of the ground.

Aerating consists of pulling plugs of soil out of the ground to allow air and water to reach the roots.

I came across a great article on these two processes. “Dethatching and Aeration – The Hows and Whys” –  Scotts Miracle-Grow Website. This site looks at both processes in depth and offers suggestions with respect to how and when to perform these tasks.

The takeaway from this article for me were the following:

Dethatching can put a lot of stress on your yard. If trying to decide between the two processes, the safer one is aerating. Aerating should be done once every two years.  The best time  to aerate is late summer, early fall for cool-weather grasses and late spring for warm-weather grasses.

Some things to think about regarding dethatching and aerating.

Picture via Andrea_44