First Day of Corn Planting2012 will be the year that some growers begin planting much earlier than normal. There are reports coming out that some people have begun the planting process in parts of the Midwest.

Check out this video about early corn planting.  It offers some tips on spring planting.

Here is my take on the subject:

Soil Temperatures are well within range for planting this spring.

Historical data cannot be used from previous years because the conditions for 2012 are so different then in years past. It really becomes a matter of risk and contracts.


How much risk are you willing to take that a frost between now and the end of April will not occur?  Future forecasts are looking good for the next 10 days and plants and trees are already budding.


You need to see if there is information in your insurance contract with respect to planting times. Some plans stipulate planting dates in their contracts.

For now, the best advice I can give you is the following:

  • Make sure you have an updated soil analysis
  • You have taken steps to maximize the soil fertility
  • You have purchased and received your seed for planting. There is a shortage of see in some areas.
  • You monitor the weather as best that you can and plan for a drier than normal summer.

Also, check with your local growers and get opinions from others. It is a great time to see what others think about regarding this subject.