Lawn Grub Control in 2012I know it seems too early to start thinking about grub control. Typically grub control products are applied in June or early July time frame. However, our growing season is about 5 weeks ahead. Using that figure, we should be thinking about grub control in the May/June time frame.

Let’s look at some things we can be doing right now in preparation for grub control application later this spring.

1) Watch for dead spots in the lawn and watch for birds and dogs sniffing and digging. These areas are prime areas for grubs.

2) If you have experienced grubs in the past in certain areas of your lawn, there is a 80-90% chance they will be back again.

3) Buy your Grub Control Product now. The price most likely will go up.

4) Educate yourself on grubs. I refer to this article, White Lawn Grubs and Grub Control a lot. It is packed full of information and I like the fact it answers questions regarding grubs.

5) Be prepared and plan your application for the May time frame.

You might want to look into buying an all-season grub control spary or organic alternative too. With the warmer spring temperatures, plant growth is in full-swing and with it an early abundance of weeds and potentially grubs. Make sure you don’t wait too long to address the issue and you may have to get an earlier start on your applications.

Picture via MaryFrancesMain