DandelionsDandelions, those crazy pests. One night of rain and poof, there they are in my front lawn. Always my front lawn. I even put a pre-emergent on last week.  Also, if you have little kids, kids love to pull off the flowers and blow the seeds across the yard so more dandelions will grow.  Dandelions are one of the most obnoxious weeds I know.

I do have some options with dandelions.

I could do as this article, “5 Nutritions Edible Weeds”  suggests and be estatic and eat them, but that really does not sound appealing to me.

I could try and kill them the naturally way by pulling them and using vinegar as this article, “Kill Dandelions Naturally and Effectively” suggests, but I really do not want to consume my time battling this pest.

For me, I keep my jug of weed killer and I spray the dandelions as they come up. The spray accelerates the growth and kills the plant for now. There are all kinds of weed-feed products on the market. I prefer a hand-held spray over a granular weed-feed fertilizer, but that is just my preference.

This pest is early, check out this video  which came out in May of 2010 regarding dandelions. . In 2012, we are about 5 – 6 weeks ahead of schedule. The video reviews most of these options stated above.

In my quest to find a resolution to this issue of dandelions, I came across the following article, “Fall Best Time to Control Dandelions”. The fight with dandelions begins in the fall after the first freeze. It is important to kill the dandelion seeds in the fall before they have a chance to germinate by the spring. Also, in the article it states that neighbors lawns can also be an issue if they do not take care of their dandelion issue. The seedlings can blow for blocks as the article states and reak havoc on the neighborhood. The article is very good and I will probably revisit this article in the fall. I have already marked it in my calendar for September. (Please bookmark this article, “Fall Best Time to Control Dandelions” for future reference this fall if you are like me and you battle this issue every year)

I am hoping your quest to combat the dandelion pest is going well for you this spring.

Picture via Mary-Lynn