Soda Pop and Health RisksA new study out of Harvard suggests that drinking soda, regular or diet pop can be detrimental to a person’s health.

When stories like this come out, I don’t want to send out a wave of panic, but I know from personal experience that I was one of those people who used to drink pop everyday and not just one or two, pop had replaced water.

I thought I was ok, because I was drinking diet drinks. Make the switch to water. I agree that water is a great replacement for many reasons and there are many products out there, just be careful that you read the labels when it comes to added sugars.

Check out both of these stories and see that the underlying cause is much more than just pop, but a poor health  lifestyle.  Keep this in mind as you see and hear information on studies like this. Make the appropriate changes and you will notice some huge benefits. Both videos presented below emphasize this point.

For more on information on this topic, look at this article, “Study: Sugary drink each day ups men’s heart disease risk by 20 percent, March 14, 2012 2:03 PM

if you want more information regarding studies on this topic.

Picture via Zach Klein