Tobacco as a PesticideThere are some new studies that are working with tobacco as a natural organic pesticide. This would be a welcome relieve to tobacco growers who have seen tobacco usage go down as a result of regulations and health warnings placed on tobacco products.

In the article , “Tobacco and its evil cousin, nicotine? They’re good — as a pesticide!” from the American Chemistry Society the process of converting tobacco to a pesticide is explained,

That process involves heating tobacco leaves to about 900 degrees Fahrenheit in a vacuum, to produce and unrefined  substance called bio-oil.

The article suggests that this bio-oil has been tested against a wide variety of insect pests and four bacteria.In addition, the article suggests that the nicotine can also be removed and still be effective.

Have you thought about making your own organic tobacco pesticide, you can refer to this article, “How to Use Tobacco Juice to Control Pest in the Garden”. This article gives you specific instructions to create your own pesticide and the article claims that the tobacco juice will keep your plants free of gnats and other pests. You can create a spray or liquid mixture that you can poor on the soil to rid your soil of pests.I have not tried this experiment, but I thought it was very interesting and worth looking at.

Keep your eyes and ears out on this technology. Someone, somewhere is probably looking at mass-producing this pesticide in the near future.

 Picture via Fried Dough