Harvested CornThe story about “Pink Slime” really caught my attention and it really gave the beef industry a bad name. The product was actually using beef cuts as filler to extend the live of beef. If this process were taken away, what other type of filler would people want to extend the life of meat. It’s a question that all of us should be thinking about as we deal with rising food costs.

More important, we need to look at other agricultural commodities and understand their role in our lives. In May, 2012 a new story regarding corn will be coming out. Here is a preview.

I can already hear people talking about corn and giving corn a bad name as a filler in the food we eat and the products we made. I think more of us need to promote all of the benefits of corn and how it helps make our current food and products better.

Check out this brochure regarding refined corn products definitions from http://www.corn.org. Below is a list of the definitions and corresponding products that they are used in.  I would invite you to print out this brochure and become educated on the uses of corn and its associated co-products. We are well aware of Ethanol made from corn, but here is a sampling from this brochure of other corn co-products and the final products which they are associated with.

  • Starch –  Found in matches, batteries, diapers and food products
  • Dextrins – Found in baked goods, paper bags and frozen desserts
  • Cycodextrins – Found in vitamins, flavors and fragrances
  • Maltodexins – Found in  protein bars, meal replacement drinks and dried syrups
  • Corn Syrups – Found in cereal bars, ice cream, salad dressings and canned fruits
  • Corn oil – Found in cooking oil, salad oil and margarine
  • Corn gluten feed – Used for cattle feed
  • Polyols -Found in beverages, tooth paste and reduced-calorie gum
  • Many others can be found in the Corn Refiners Association Brochure

Take a few minutes and become more educated with the number of products that corn is associated with. You might develop a better appreciation for this commodity and the technology surrounding it.

 Picture via india.ca