Shelf Life TestingI am seeing a lot of articles in the news that are addressing the topic of “Shelf Life” and the nutritional composition of food. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency came out with a report this month that indicated that nutritional labels failed to provide consumers with proper nutritional information. Some companies claimed the following,

Companies tagged with unsatisfactory results say they’re committed to providing accurate information. But natural variances in ingredients, including crop fluctuations with organic produce, or changes in a product’s nutritional composition over its shelf life, means this is not a perfect science, they say. Read more:

Does composition change over time? Some products like Wise Survival Foods perform extended shelf-life testing and claim that their product has an extended shelf life of 25 years.

There is also a site, “Still Tasty” that allows you to type in a particular food or drink item and it will give you a time frame which the product should generally stay fresh.  By the way the iPhone App is also very good and it allows you to setup your own time schedule for foods that you may have at your home. It will warn you when your food product has run its course with respect to shelf life.

The point here is that food producers: major and small should really be aware not only about the nutritional makeup of their food, but also their shelf life of their product. I would also add that companies should really start performing their own analysis to see if their is any drop off in nutrition while the product is on the shelf. This information could be very valuable for people to know that the label information is good for the life of the product. This type of information would also give companies a reason to try and extend their product’s shelf life or decide to have a shorter shelf life if nutritional values are compromised over time.

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Picture via Ada Be