Dietary FiberOne of the secrets to losing weight is getting enough fiber. People talk about counting calories or burning calories at the gym, but wouldn’t it be nice if there was something working for us inside our bodies to help speed up our metabolism and digest our food. That something is dietary fiber.

According to WebMD, people should be looking at how much fiber they are consuming on a daily basis.

  • Age 50 and younger
    • Women: 25 grams
    • Men: 38 grams

Many foods claim to be high sources of fiber, but you need to check the label to be sure. A food label can indicate it is a good source of fiber with as low as 2.5 grams of fiber.

Obviously, dietary fiber is one area, in combination with calories, carbohydrates and sugars that should be looked at a little more closely.  I would invite you to read more in this web article, WebMD – “Give Yourself a Fresh Start for Health”   It is a good article with a lot of tips for adding fiber to your diet.

In addition, the Midwest Laboratories Food Lab is receiving more requests from food producers and restaurants to quantify the fiber found in their food.

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