Plants lower termperatureHere is an interesting study being conducted in Australia that is looking at the effect of cooling cities by adding more plants .

Temperatures can be as much as 4 degrees warmer in the city of Melbourne than surrounding areas – this is known as the ‘urban heat island effect’. And on rainy days these hard, non-porous surfaces also prevent water being absorbed into the ground so that little moisture remains in the urban environment.  Source: Plants help lower temperatures – Science Alert

Instead of focusing on carbon and global warming, maybe the focus should be on action such as this in creating green spaces among all of our concrete and building infrastructures. Many parts of the United States will be experiencing a drought and above average temperatures. It might be time to address this topic this spring and see if some preventive measures can be in place for the summer.

“Irrigating green infrastructure with the abundant storm water found in our cities will increase its cooling ability and use water that would otherwise go down the drain.” Source: Plants help lower temperatures – Science Alert

It really is an interesting concept that needs more attention. I would invite you to read the article referenced above and share your thoughts.

Anyone looking for a cool science project or environmental project?  I think this topic would sure create a lot of good discussion and interesting findings.
photo credit: Ian Sane via photopin cc