Midwest Laboratories Metals TestingLearn more about the role the Metals Laboratory plays at Midwest Laboratories. Led by Barry Blessing and his team, the Midwest Laboratories Metals Lab  analyzes a variety of samples for their elemental composition. Check out a quick video and learn more.

The Midwest Laboratories Metals Laboratory serves clients across the country. Turnaround time and high quality methods and sample prep analysis have been the keys to the growth of this department.

Clients across the United States use Midwest Laboratories for their metals analysis. Below is a list of some of the clients that send samples for analysis:

  • Farmers and Growers – metals analysis in soils
  • Food Producers – outsource metals analysis for food analysis
  • Municipalities – metals analysis in water
  • Petroleum & Biofuel Companies – sulfur, magnesium and other metals in fuels
  • Toy Manufacturers – lead in toys
  • Packaging Companies –retail items – metals in packaging

For more information on analysis, I would invite you to check out our main website, http://www.staging.midwestlabs.flywheelsites.com and talk to one of our client service representatives.