Organic GardenCheck out this video which does a good job of providing tips for putting nutrients back into your soil.

  • Side Dressing Top Dressing and Foliar Feeding are some ways that fertilizer can be applied to your produce and this video goes through the various techniques. 
  • Garden Produce – Apply an organic nitrogen fertilizer to promote  vegetation growth
  • To encourage flowering and fruiting  – Use a high phosphorus fertilizer 
  • End of Season – Apply some potassium to your soil to enhance the flavor of your produce.

In addition to these steps, I would encourage you to get an organic soil test or organic fertilizer test. A soil test will help you be aware of the nutrients that are currently in your soil and from here, you can determine which product(s) to use to maximize your garden yield. Fertilizer tests are commonly performed on products to insure nutrients listed on package are accurate.

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