Spring Lawn Care TipsIt’s late April and temperatures will be in the 60’s and 70’s over the next week.  It’s time to turn on the sprinkler system and check it out to make sure its working properly.  As noted, I have applied a pre-emergent and just recently over-seeded my lawn. Now I am watching my lawn get thicker and I have found three more tips to keep my eye on this spring to make sure I get a thick lawn going into the summer.  Check out the video.  I had not heard the mushroom tip before and will have to try that in the coming months.

Cut your lawn not too short. Your lawn is not a golf course. Also, a thicker, longer grass can help combat weeds. 
Water – 1 inch of water a week – – Be consistent.  Check out this post I wrote on how to water more effectively
Controlling mushrooms – Best way is to aerate your lawn and you will see those mushrooms disappear.

Image courtesy of graur cordin / FreeDigitalPhotos.net