Hogweed Plant

This topic was presented to me by a reader of this blog who suggested I look at this toxic weed a little closer. I have to say, I really had no idea there was such a toxic weed in our country. I wonder if others like myself are unaware of this very toxic weed.

The Giant Hogweed is very toxic and without treatment people coming in contact with the plant could be at risk for huge skin sores, blindness and ultimately death. The giant hogweed produces seeds this time of year and those seeds spread by waterways and tributaries.

This toxic weed looks a lot like Queen Anne’s Lace.  It was reported about a year ago in Michigan as the video states and is now being found in other parts of the country like Maryland, (See Story: Beware of Giant Hogweed Popping Up in MD and DC)

This weed is nothing to take on yourself, hazmat teams have been called in to remove these weeds. Roundup can be used, but again, make sure you do not come in contact with this plant.

Here is another story which was released this week concerning the effects of the hogweed plant. “Giant Hogweed Plant May Cause Blindness, Severe Skin Irritation And Scarring — So Don’t Touch It” Check out the map of areas where it is spreading to.

photo credit: dachalan via photopin cc