Benefits of ApplesIt’s that time of year when people make their way to apple orchards to get some of the best apples of the season.

Check out this article, “Apples really can help keep the doctor away” it has some great information regarding the health benefits of apples.

Here are some of the benefits mentioned in the article:

  1. Apples keep you hydrated- This means they can satisfy your hunger
  2. Low in Calories – Medium sized apple has 80 calories
  3. Apples contain immune-boosting vitamin c  for your the growth and repair of your body tissues
  4. A great source for fiber. A medium apple with skin contains 3.3 grams of fiber.
  5. Apples can stay fresh in your refrigerator  up to three weeks.

Check out the complete artilc and learn more about apples today.

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