Potatoes | Food BanksMike Noonan, Noonan Farms is giving away his planted potato fields to local food banks. Potatoes are a great all-natural produce with a long shelf life retention. It is a wonderful story of generosity. Please read the whole article, “Long shelf life Food bank potatoes ready for harvest“, it is well worth the read.

Check out the giving that Mike produced last year:

Last year Noonan Farms gave 50,000 pounds of potatoes to the local food bank and 275,000 pounds to the state bank. Wong Potatoes, Cal-Ore Produce, Malin Potato Co-Op, Circle C and Gold Dist Inc. donated 70,000 pounds combined in 2012.

Mike hopes other potoato growers will follow his lead and start giving away their potatoes to food banks. Again, this is a great story of growing, harvesting and giving away our food supply to others in need.

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net