This time of the year soil samplers and growers are getting in their fields after harvest and pulling samples to check the nutrients in their soil. Pulling samples can be a challenge this time of year. In some places I have heard the ground is extremely hard and dry. This makes pulling samples a time-consuming process. In other areas, it can be very wet, especially in the spring and this makes it hard to get a good, representive sample.

Pulling a good soil requires that you understand which nutrients you are looking for. I would suggest looking closer at the document mentioned above for some tips regarding the entire process of soil sampling.

Below is a short video, which looks at a few trips you can use if you pull your own soil samples. I really like how this video focuses on the depth the probe goes into the ground and why it is important to know how far down you should go with respect to soil sampling. It is all about the nutrients you are trying to find and analyze.

If you have other questions about soil sampling, please contact a representative at Midwest Laboratories.