Submitting samples for analysis at Midwest LaboratoriesMany times samples are held in the receiving area because of the following:

  • too little volume of sample for analysis
  • no paperwork
  • no contact information (phone, address or email)
  • the wrong analysis is listed
  • the information cannot be read due to moisture or tear in the paperwork

To insure proper turnaround time requires the client and lab understanding expectations. Most of the time the expectations come in the form of submittal paperwork. This information is interpreted by the receiving team and communicated to the lab personnel.

If you want to insure a good lab experience, I would suggest doing the following:

  • Call the laboratory and work with a client service representative.
    • If this process takes a lot of work, it may say a lot about the laboratory.
    • Ask the representative how you should list the analysis you are requesting
    • Also, if you need an analysis to be rushed, find out how fast the analysis can be performed and the associated costs.
    • Write down the client service representative’s name, phone and email for your own reference.
    • Ask about the proper way to collect and send a proper sample.
  • Obtain a standard submittal form from the laboratory
    • Standard paperwork usually results in fewer errors because it is easy to read and check-in. (Also, ask if there are any online options too.)
    • List your contact information: name, phone, address, email
    • Write the name of the client service representative on your form
  • Consider opening an account before sending the sample in
    • Often times, if your analysis information is tied to an account, it is easier for future reference from the laboratory and for the client
  • Place all submittal paperwork in an envelope or better yet, (zip loc bag)
    • This way the information will be protected from moisture, spills or humidity.
    • It is easy for receiving team to get to and put into the system.
  • Make sure the sample identifiers match the sample identifiers on the paperwork
    • This is especially important for multiple sample submission.
    • Make sure your sample is labeled in some way. It can help in tracking down a sample once it has been submitted to a laboratory department.

The real key is establishing a relationship before sending in a sample. At Midwest Laboratories we have a team of over 15 client service representative to help answer your analysis questions and to help you in submitting your sample for analysis. By tapping into one of these contacts, you will stay connected through the process on a personal level and you will be able to ask questions with a specific representative.  I would encourage you to connect today.