Fall Soil Testing for VineyardsHaving worked with a number of vineyards not only in the midwestern part of the United States but also on the East and West Coasts, fall can be a great time of year to look at soil nutrients. Most vineyards look at plant nutrients in the mid-spring to early summer and this type of testing is critical to making sure nutrients from the soil are carried into the plant for proper growth.

Taking soil samples at different depths can help growers determine where the deep rooted plants are getting their nutrients. This technique will help you see areas lacking in nutrients and other areas that may have an abundance of nutrients that do not need any additional applications.

Fall is a good time to get nutrients into the ground, especially in areas where the ground my be dry and cracking. The best place to start is a soil analysis. I would recommend talking with an agronomist to determine the best possible tests for your specific soil conditions. The soil tests available at Midwest Laboratories can be found under the Agriculture Tab on the main site.

At Midwest Laboratories, we receive a number of inquiries regarding soil and plant testing in vineyards. By talking through issues or just general background information, appropriate analysis and recommendations can be made to help remedy an issue or help current producing areas produce more.

If you are a vineyard owner, consider visiting with one of our staff agronomists to help answer your questions regarding soil testing.

Image courtesy of Michelle Meiklejohn / FreeDigitalPhotos.net