Fall FrostIt is that time of year again. Everyone anticipates when they can stop watering their lawn and plants because the inevitable frost is here. I have already shut down my yard irrigation system and taken steps to empty the water out of the pipes. I was burned once and my pipes broke and had to be repaired. That evening the low was supposed to be around 30 degrees farenheit. Well, unfortunately for me the clouds decided to break up and overnight the temperatures fell to 21 degrees. It can happen that fast.

Here is a video that summarizes some tips to remind you of some ways you can save yourself a lot of time and trouble by taking precautions before the first frost.

If you want to save your plants, move them inside to a warmer location like your porch or garage. You do not have to bring them inside to 70 degree temperatures. Also, consider buying some compost or potting soil and packing it in and around your bushes and plants to help keep the ground temperatures warm and keep soil moisture in place. A couple of years ago I started this process and it really helps protect the root structure of your plants.

Hopefully this article will serve as a reminder to you to do a final check around your house for any issues that could cause you some pain if you decide not to take any action.

“Image courtesy of papaija2008 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net“.