Ethanol Facts

This past month, I conducted a few tests of gasoline from different pumps and came across some surpristing information. Lately, the talk has been that there is too much ethanol in our fuel. Will E-15 hurt my automobile’s engine? Why is ethanol being used to blend gasoline to get an octane reading of 87.

I can’t speak to the octane number, but some samples from a couple of pumps reported ethanol percentages of 8 and 9%.  So in fact, maybe gasoliine does not even have 10% as the pumps indicate. Maybe the signs should say Ethanol 10% or lower. Maybe, we are making too big a deal out of this whole Ethanol Percentage thing.

Check out this video on the 40 Facts about Ethanol and stay abreast of the latest changes.


If you have concerns about small equipment and ethanol, take a look at this video. It gives a straight-forward answer about this topic. All of us need to make the right decisions when it comes to fuel and our engines.

photo credit: ya3hs3 via photopin cc