Pet Treat Testing | Midwest LaboratoriesLately there have been a number of reports of tainted treats and recalls regarding pet treats. This really gives all treats a bad name. If I was a pet treat producer, at home or in full-scale production, my only reaction would be to make sure the quality of my product was documented and communicated to retailers and buyers. One of the best ways to do this, is to have your pet treats analyzed and tested.

Many home producers have contacted Midwest Laboratories about nutritional analysis information. At Midwest Laboratories we provide several feed and pet food package options. In addition, Midwest Laboratories has other capabilities in the areas of Microbiology Testing, Shelf Life Testing and Other Individual Analysis.

The point I am making here is that companies need to take steps to be able to show they have a quality product or service. Analysis is one way to accomplish that. Obviously, customer service, and pricing factor in too for these type of clients.

My suggestion to pet treat producers would be to make that connection with a representative at a laboratory you work with and develop a plan that will meet your needs as an owner and producer. By involving laboratory representatives on a first-name basis, you will develop a partnership and better understanding of each others’ business. If you would like more information on such a program like this, contact a representative at Midwest Laboratories.

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