march green grassIt is that time of year when the grass starts coming out of its dormant stage and starts turning green. I saw a few people in the Omaha area who were mowing their grass. Seems early to me. The soil temps may be telling a different story.  As you can see from the map, the soil temps are quite warm. The recent warmer temps have helped bring these temps up in areas that have received little snow this winter.

As far as fertilizer application, I would hesitate to put a pre-emergent yet. I like to make an application the first week of April, but again the warmer temps may bring about an earlier than normal spring.

The best place to start is a complete soil test. I recommend the Midwest Labs Lawn & Garden Test. This test will give you a solid record of your soil health. Take cores, no deeper than 6 inches in different areas of your lawn, combine these cores together and place approximately 2 cups of soil into a ziploc bag or soil bag as provided by the Midwest Labs Lawn and Garden Test Kit. Your analysis will provide values for key soil elements along with fertilizer recommendations.  You can easily take this information to your nearest nursery and find the product that will best meet the needs of your soil.

If you purchase a kit, you receive bag, instructions, submittal form and a return UPS shipping label for easy mailing. If you live in the Omaha community, you can simply bring your sample directly to the laboratory.

Turnaround time is three business days! Don’t wait weeks for your results. Send in your sample today, so you can plan for your fertilizer purchase this spring. If you have lawn questions, please contact a member of our client services team, 402-334-7770402-334-7770.

Are you an Owner of a Lawn Care Service in the United States?  We work with several companies across the United States and can provide our kits to you and your clients. For more information, Contact Stacie