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Every spring, this particular weed, crabgrass is on the minds of homeowners. It is a pesky weed that needs immediate attention or you can pay the consequences down the road. Most people apply a pre-emergent to address this issue.

Typically, mid-April to the first week in May is a good time frame. I ‘ve seen some people put down an application in March, but it may require a second application in May. Generally, it is a good idea to apply a pre-emergent when the ground temperature rises above 50 degrees. I like this online soil temperature map. As you can see, we are just a few weeks away for this part of the country.

As far as a pre-emergent product to select, it really comes down to the needs of your lawn. Now is a great time to get the soil in your lawn tested to see what the makeup of your soil is and if it is defficient any soil nutrients.

Next, I would recommend some additional ways to help control crabgass. Set your mowing height a bit higher to insure shade, and a stronger thicker lawn. The thicker the lawn, the better when it comes to fighthing off crabgrass and other weeds. In addition, I have talked about this step on numerous occasions, but it really works. Water less days and for a longer period of time. You want to make sure that the first 6 inches of soil is good and moist to insure proper growth during the spring months.