Lead in SoilLead in soil is still an issue for families who live near industrial districts.

The manufacturing plants along the Missouri River contributed to lead being found in areas of Omaha that were 7- 10 miles away. Omaha, Nebraska was designated an EPA Lead Supersite.It took almost 10 years to remediate the soil.

Here is a similar story out of California. The key here, as the news story suggests is to make sure the soil by your home is tested. Without a proper analysis, no further action can take place. This story also looks at the levels found and the steps being taken to correct the situation.

If you have some concerns about lead being a possibility in your front yard, consider sending a sample to Midwest Laboratories. Collect two cups of soil from various areas of your yard, near the house, near the street and driveway and where the most activity occurs. Wearing gloves, collect the soil into a ziploc bag and send it in for analysis. Lead in soil analysis is a $36.00 test and you can expect results in 5 days once the sample is received.

photo credit: unstrung studio via photopin cc