midwest labs soil health testSoil Health was the big buzzword in 2014.  Midwest Laboratories recently entered the soil health market by combining conventional soil tests with newer analysis introduced by soil health. The result was the following, a new soil health report which takes a closer look at the makeup of your soil.

We are receiving a lot of good feedback from our clients with respect to the Midwest Laboratories Soil Heath Testing Package.  One grower in particular was amazed that two separate areas of land received similar results through conventional soil testing, but compared to the soil health analysis, the two areas were quite different and it was evident in the yield he received off of both areas of land.

For more information, check out the soil health information found in the Midwest Labs Library.

Midwest Laboratories Soil Heath Assessment 

Haney Test Explanation

Check out the following presentation from Ray Archuleta. Ray has a passion for this topic and presents convincing evidence as to why this is such an important topic for our future.

If you are short for time, be sure and check out the live experiment at the 7 minute mark. Otherwise, do check out the entire presentation. It is well worth your time to listen and learn more about this topic.