Plant Tissue TestingPlant Tissue Testing

Plant Tissue Testing is happening as we speak. Corn Plants are coming out of the ground. In the Midwest, the hot temperatures and high humidity are contributing to the plant growth.

2016 has been a very unusual year. Many growers are seeing the value in testing not only the plants which are very common this time of year but also the soil. Many growers are trying to examine correlations between soil nutrient volumes and plant nutrient volumes. This topic is also coming to light with many growers conducting a weekly analysis of both to gauge overall trends in nutrient analysis.

In a time when commodity prices remain low and input costs are not coming down, it does make sense to minimize the cost of future applications.

Today at Midwest Laboratories, we have received over 1,000 plants and 5,000 soils. These sample volumes have remained consistent over the past few weeks, and it continues to highlight the value that testing can bring to growers.

plant tissue samples
Plant Tissue Samples at Midwest Laboratories