In 2015, Midwest Laboratories introduced new stalk nitrate bags to the market. We ran out of inventory immediately after the bags were introduced. For more information on stalk nitrate testing, check out the Midwest Laboratories Stalk Nitrate Testing Brochurestalk nitrate testing

These Stalk Nitrate Bags provided clients with the following benefits.
  • More reliable bag for collection of samples in the field
  • Easier to package with fewer worries about packages falling apart
  • Sampling instructions on the bag.
  • Space is provided for proper sample identification.
  • Bags use tie-string functionality to promote air movement into the bag

This year, we do have a good supply on hand. In addition, have made it much easier to order these bags online in groups of 25. Please call 402-334-7770 or submit your order online under your account. Last year, we closely monitored the receiving of stalk samples and did not find any cases where mold was an issue.

Click this link now, to place your stalk nitrate bag order

For best results, please submit your sample for analysis within 24 hours of sampling. (Samples that sit out for extended periods could experience molding issues.)