I am not sure about the best, but I would say Midwest Laboratories is one of the most complete laboratories for FSMA Testing. Midwest Laboratories has a 10-building campus which conducts food testing in a variety of laboratories.

What types of testing does Midwest Laboratories do?

Midwest Laboratories analyzes samples for various industries:

  • Agriculture: soil testing, plant testing, fertilizer testing, water testing, fertilizer
  • Environmental: water, wastewater, compost, biosolids
  • Pet Food: microbiology, proximates, meat speciation, HACCP, Vitamins, Pesticides
  • Animal Feed: mycotoxins, proximates,
  • Food: shelf life, GMO, nutritional labels, allergens, sensory, ingredients, microbiology
  • Fuels: Ethanol, DDGs, wastewater
  • Home/Small Business: nutritional labeling, calorie counts, water quality testing

What type of FSMA Analysis does Midwest Laboratories offer?

FSMA analysis looks at preventive controls for food production. 

  • Food Producers: ingredient testing, allergen testing, GMO testing, nutritional labeling, calorie counts, water quality, microbiology analysis, salmonella, e.Coli
  • Food Growers: soil fertility, water quality, pesticide residue, heavy metals
  • Food Retailers: calorie counts, allergens, GMO, shelf life testing

What other services does Midwest Laboratories offer?

The following services are some of the services our customers value the most. 

  • Online access to reported analysis results
  • Supplies for collecting and shipping samples
  • Support from client service and account managers
  • Certification as outlined by ISO 17025 and other supporting certification for ag and environmental areas.
  • One laboratory, campus location, centrally located in the United States

What factors should food growers/producers look for in a laboratory regarding FSMA Testing?

Some of the items mentioned below can make all of the difference when it comes to receiving analysis in a timely, professional manner.  

  • Certifications – Many laboratories work hard to maintain certifications. It speaks volumes regarding their quality programs.
  • Turnaround time – Make sure the laboratory is able to keep up with analysis completed in a timely manner. On the average, most Midwest Laboratories analysis is completed in 3 to 5 days once the samples are received.
  • Pricing – Some laboratories price their analysis much lower, but they do not offer supplies or service regarding results. Make sure to check into what types of services a lab can provide in addition to analysis. (Examples: supplies, support, convenience, certification, rush service availability)
  • Staff – Make sure the laboratory is easily accessible regarding client support and hours of operation.
  • Website functionality – Many times, clients want the ability to check out analysis pricing and results. Make sure information regarding lab analysis is available online.
  • Professionally Trained FSMA Staff – On Tuesday, September 20, 2016 – Twenty-one Midwest Laboratories Office and Laboratory Staff attended professional training on FSMA regulations through AIB International.  The Management Team at Midwest Laboratories thought it was critical that laboratory and client service staff understand the basics of the FSMA regulations in order to answer questions more precisely regarding laboratory’s role with respect to the food production process.

Final Thoughts:

  • “We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to selecting a laboratory to meet your FSMA testing needs, please consider Midwest Laboratories. Let us know how we can answer any questions you might have. “~Brent Pohlman | President